Monday, June 6, 2011

Cookies and cakes and carrots, oh my!

Tonight's menu:

Hot fudge cake - Vegan Gal Rating 5
I got this recipe from the back of Dr. Barnard's book: Breaking the Food Seduction.  Yummy book and yummy recipe.  I love Dr. Barnard for promoting the vegan diet to eradicate you diabetes and other health ailments.

My friend Kelly suggested that I send a dozen of these wonderful vegan cookies to Jennette Turner from Natural Foods Education.  Ha!  I was really disappointed to read her article in the Wedge's June / July newsletter.  I was further disappointed when many of my friends and I advocated with the Wedge editor to request the article be removed and a correction be posted with information stating the real facts and benefits of a vegan diet.  I was later sent this response from the editor:

"An apology was up, with the word "correction." However, word ran round the community that "vegan bullies" were causing "censorship" at the Wedge. Not a good precedent. What do we do when we get pressured to take down the response? We'll go forward with a free exchange of ideas. Ginny will have a great article next issue. The wording about her article is from her - I asked her how she wanted it characterized, which I should have done before responding to you. I am very sorry this article was so upsetting to some of our members."

I guess I'm a vegan bully now.   My intention of getting involved was not to be a bully but to let the Wedge know thta I was highly disappointed. Moving on...

Chocolate chip cookies - Vegan Gal Rating 9
Even the Golden Retriever thinks so! 

Oh and my roommate made carrots.  I think she did a really good job!

Vegan Gal rating on carrots -- 6.5

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  1. I think the "vegan bullies" part is laughable. They shouldn't be posting biased articles when they reach both vegans and non-vegans alike. Ridiculous. I sent a letter to the board of directors about this because clearly we are not getting anywhere with Elizabeth. Argh.