Friday, September 9, 2011

Mashed Potato Pizza and Beer Cake

A vegan's delight.  To try to make a non-vegan, meat loving, omnivore think twice (even for a brief moment) about a vegan diet.  This got eaten by three non-vegans, one of whom is my roommate and she's probably 70% vegan.  At home, she's 90% vegan at home.

Tonight, I attempted to make a vegan version of Pizza Luce's Baked Potato Pizza.  I declined using the broccoli, and was not quite sure on the recipe due to the fact that I have not eaten this pizza since I went vegan.   Anyway, my roommate talked me into using whole wheat flour...that was the first mistake.  Overall, I gave this pizza a Vegan Gal rating of 3. It could have been much better with an improved crust.

The beer cake, coming from the woman who hates beer, is not good.  I give this a Vegan Gal rating of 1. Don't make this cake.  I got this idea on a wild hair.  Not again.

Try my chocolate fudge cake with raspberry sauce.  Now, I give this a Vegan Gal rating of 8.  This is a bad picture.

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